Background and Purpose

X-Plane is the very realistic flight simulator published by Laminar Research. X-Plane comes with its own simulated panel-mounted GPS, but some people (including me) prefer to use a more-fully-featured unit. This page is about using X-Plane with several possible competent GPS devices:

X-Plane can be made to work with any of these devices (or even with all of them at the same time). The purpose of this site is to make available in one place the necessary software. Much of the software is old versions that are no longer supported or distributed by the authors, and so not easily available elsewhere. I personally find the combination of X-Plane and the Garmin Trainer or some other GPS device to be very useful for flight training, and want to keep the necessary resources available for others.

Direct downloads

What software do you need?

Most of the ways of using competent GPS devices with X-Plane require some additional software to communicate betweeen X-Plane and the device. If you already know what software you want, you can download it from the list on the right. If not, the configuration tool on the left can probably help you.


If you have problems with the installation or configuration, help might be available. Many people have gotten one or more of the setups discussed here to work, and some of them hang out at the forums. Try posting your problem description there. If you want, send a link to your post to me at the contact address below, and I'll weigh in if I'm able.


Thanks to Ben Russell (XNO2) and Kate Alhola (xudp) for showing the way, to Sandy Barbour for providing the tools, and to Jim McNeill for providing a safe harbor for the GPS software at Shade Tree Micro Aviation for the past several years.