If you shop on the internet, and want to support the new library at no cost to yourself, please give iGive a try. It is a simple, automatic, cost free approach to charitable giving. Just click on iGive.com above to register, or see below for detailed instructions.
  1. Go to iGive.com by clicking here

  2. Click on "Register now"; that will take you to a new screen.

  3. Fill in the form: "Cause to support" should be pre-filled with Friends of the Point Roberts Library; do not change it. Just enter your first and last name, a password, and your email address.

  4. Click on "Register now".

  5. Your browser may ask permission to install iGive software. If so, grant permission by clicking "Allow" or whatever appropriate button is offered. If not, go on to the next step.

  6. You should now have a window that says "Install iGive to Help Friends of the Point Roberts Library" in a box near the top of the screen. The iGive installation may start automatically; if not, follow the instructions on the iGive screen.

  7. When the software is installed, you should have the image of a small orange dandelion seed near the top of your browser window, like this:  In addition, when you are visiting an iGive participating store (try, for example, http://www.staples.com), there should be a somewhat larger iGive button in the bottom right corner of your screen, like this:  

  8. If you see only the smaller dandelion image, enter "http://www.igive.com/button" in your browser's address bar and press <enter> on your keyboard.

  9. That should bring you to a new screen with instructions for installing the larger button.

  10. If you are not successful in getting both buttons installed, please send email to foprl1@gmail.com to describe your problem and ask for help.