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Point Roberts needs a new library, as argued in the top link on the right.

Substantial progress has already been made: Fundraising started early in 2012. Less than four years later local individuals, businesses, and other friends of Point Roberts have contributed over $540,000. David King, architect, has prepared a conceptual plan and feasibility study for the renovation of the old fire hall adjacent to the historic community center building. These materials are also available on the right.

Frequently asked questions and several other items that may be useful for occasional reference are also available through the links on the right.

Why does Point Roberts need a new library
A two-page personal statement by Judy Ross about the role of libraries in the 21st century -- both libraries in general and a new Point Roberts library in particular.

Conceptual plans and feasibility study
A 24-page feasibility study and conceptual design for the renovation of an historic fire hall to serve as a new library at the Point Roberts community center. Prepared by King Architecture in April 2012 at the request of the Whatcom County Library System and the Point Roberts Park and Recreation Board.

Frequently Asked Questions about fund raising and the new library

Contact the Friends of the Point Roberts Library

Many reference documents are here
FOPRL organizational documents, Point Roberts economic and zoning environment, and fundraising performance.