Home Astronomy Quilt of the Week

Miss Universe HB Aurigae* Perseid Galaxy Cluster* The Moon with Fireworks Solar Eclipse Cone* Stellar Nursery* The Christmas Star The Fan Galaxy Plum Blossom Galaxy with Stellar Butterflies Iridescent Cloud* The Solar System (with Earth's Moon) Meteor with Long Tail Red Holes: the other side of black holes Is This a Super Nova?* Bowtie Galaxy Cosmic Dust Balls The Gemini, Castor and Pollux Saturn with 5 of Its 22 Moons* BÍche de Ciel Mars & Its 2 Moons, Phobos & Deimos* Galactic Laundry The Northern Cross: Cygnus Flies* The Cherry Planet with Its Moons:
Lemon, Lime, Orange The Big Dipper and the Milky Way Star Garden Columnar Northern Lights Flower Nebula Constellation Orion, and His Belt and Necktie* The Blue Carpet Nebula Duck Contemplates Black Hole String Theory The Rose Planet Sunnyside Up: The Andromeda Galaxy* The Star Cluster Trapezium* The Leonid Meteor Showers Star Fishing Hydrogen Clouds The Serpentine Galaxy The Pleiades/Seven Sisters, from Far Away* The Pleiades/Seven Sisters, Up Close Pinwheel Galaxy* Green Flash The Corona Constellation The Reef Galaxy The Jellyfish Asteroid Belt The Sun The Veil Nebula* Red Fox Fur Nebula* Space Spiders The Southern Cross, with Kiwis The Judy Constellation A Nice Day in Space
Home Astronomy Quilt
(Click on quilt for closeups)
Credit and Copyright: Judy W. Ross
Point Roberts, WA, and Roberts Creek, BC
Explanation: Each morning, I start my day by looking at the NASA 'Astronomy Picture of the Day' on the internet. Most of the photos are from large telescopes, including the Hubble, which is space-based. The photos are amazing and surprising and one day I thought, 'I wonder what I would see if I had the Hubble at MY house.' That was the beginning of this project, which went on for a year and became 'Home Astronomy Quilt of the Week.' (The quilt is 6 feet by 7 feet, and the individual pieces are 11 inches by 8 inches.) Most of these pieces are based upon my own imaginings, though some are suggested by actual NASA photographs. There are 52 pieces, one for each week, because, unlike NASA, I didn't think I could produce one a day. The NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day archives include well over 2000 photos!

The quilt was featured as the NASA astronomy picture of the day on October 17, 2003. It received the Creativity Award at the 2003 Sunshine Coast Quilt Guild show in Sechelt, BC, and was featured at the fourth annual Fibre Arts Festival in Gibsons, BC. It spent the 2004-05 academic year at the Lick Observatory Visitors' Center, Mount Hamilton, CA. It was a featured exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX, in November 2006.

Navigation: Clicking on any one of the 52 weekly pieces will display a closeup of that piece. The pieces that were suggested by a particular NASA photo have asterisks following their names; clicking on the closeup for these pieces will bring up the corresponding NASA photo.

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