This page collects a number of possibly useful documents in one place. All the documents are related in one way or another to the glorious heritage stand of big-leaf maples that forms an enchanted canopy over APA Road, the main approach to Lily Point Park in Point Roberts, Washington.
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Threats to the maple canopy arise from time to time. During the last one, we put up an online petition and collected 500 "signatures" from all over the world -- the majority from Point Roberts residents and visitors.

Development Plans
Recently, another development proposal, whose septic drain fields may pose a threat to the maple canopy, has been filed. Plans for the proposed development are here.

Photo Gallery
Some photos of the canopy in spring and in summer ...
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What is Included in "Lily Point"?
Mark Robbins and Steve Wolff argue convincingly that "Lily Point" encompasses an area of 400+ acres extending west to Pauls Road, and that the entire area deserves, indeed requires, special protection.